Unique League Competition
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Post  Admin Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:55 pm

The videos must be uploaded to youtube.com
1-Your video should be as follows.
Part 1: Intro to the league.
Your jump: Minimum 20 seconds
Completion (Not Required): You can set greetings, pictures of your girlfriend XD or wish luck to your group or so.
2-You can not speed up your jump.
3-The choice of music is random.
4-You can speed up the BPM of your music.
5-Title: Unique League Competition / nick / Group-VS x / round x-x / x
6-In the video should appear your whole body, with exception of part of your head, it is forbidden to record only the legs
7-Any delay in the video will result in disqualification of the participant
8-You cannot use the effect black and white during the jump.


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